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Crosby Beach marks the scenic commencement of the 22-mile stretch of Sefton Coastline. Gazing from the shore, visitors can relish breathtaking views extending across the sea toward Wirral and the hills of North Wales.

A leisurely stroll along the beach grants panoramic vistas overlooking Wirral and North Wales. The proximity to the Port of Liverpool allows visitors to witness the passage of colossal container ships and cruise liners, while the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm adds a distinctive touch to the coastal landscape, blending industry with artistry.

Renowned for its spectacular sunsets, Crosby Beach boasts uninterrupted views as the sun seemingly dissolves into the expanse of the Irish Sea, creating a captivating spectacle.

What sets this coastline apart is the internationally acclaimed 'Another Place' installation by artist Antony Gormley. Home to 100 cast-iron figures that stretch along the coastline and extend nearly a mile out to sea, this installation adds an unparalleled artistic dimension to Crosby Beach.

Please note, Crosby Beach is unsuitable for swimming, featuring soft sand, mud patches, and changing tides. For safety, visitors are advised to remain within 50 meters of the promenade at all times and avoid attempting to walk out to the farthest figures.

For those interested in experiencing Crosby Beach, Merseyrail operates regular services from Liverpool Central and Moorfields stations in the city center to Blundellsands and Crosby station, a short stroll away from this captivating attraction.

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