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The ecological definition of sustainability originated with the Brundtland Report in 1987, which describes sustainable development as one that satisfies the needs of the present without adversely affecting the conditions for future generations.

That is something we take very seriously here at Southport Holidays as we believe in doing our part for the environment in anyway we can.

Therefore we have ensured that all of our properties include several if not all of the following in our

Waste Recycling

Your waste is collected in a couple of ways, In the kitchen were you would find a spilt bin for general and recycling waste.

This should then be transferred to the appreciate bin to the front of the property for pick-up.

Dual Flush Toilets

Toilet flushing accounts for 1/3 of water used in the home today;
We only use new dual flush models as they use as little as 2.6 and 4 litres per flush, so only 20% compared with older toilets.

Vegan Soaps

We ensure we only use vegan soaps as they are not only great for the environment, but it's also perfect for those with allergies or sensitivities to animal by-products.

LED Light Bulbs

All fittings are fitted with LED's so please allow a couple of seconds for them to brighten.

Using LED's would not only save households billions on their electric bills but would also have a significant positive impact on our global warming, energy and emissions initiatives.

Motion Sensor Lighting

We have included motion seniors at some of our properties to reduce energy waste. They are particularly useful in areas where there are sustained periods of no human activity such as stairs and hallways.


You'll be pleased to know that over each floor we have smart thermostatics. 

This allows us to control the temperature of each floor as you need it and set the perfect temperature for your comfort. 


We are also very passionate about 'giving back', especially to those less fortunate. We decided to work side by side with a company called UNITE and their Gambia Appeal in 2022. Our joint aim was to raise a minimum of £10,000 to improve the facilities in 2 High schools, 2 Primary schools,  1 Orphanage and 1 Nursery.​

The money raised was used wisely to install new white boards, transportable chalk boards, cooling fans in the class rooms,  painting the school and replacing weather damaged ceilings. We even had the fantastic opportunity to purchase new shoes, stationary and school uniforms which was required for the children to attend school.


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