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Terms and Conditions

Please leave our homes as you found them


The lead guest will be held responsible for any loss or damages to the property caused by themselves, any guests or any person for whom they are responsible for during their stay at the property. You agree to pay the required amount to fix or remedy such damages or losses to the property during your stay. 



Hot tub

In the event that you, any of your guests or any person that you are responsible for, doesn’t not follow the hot tub rules (situated on the door) you will be charged for a complete drain and refill of the hot-tub. These rules include

- Eating or drinking in the hot-tub

- Partying after hours

- Showering off any sand or fake tan before entering




If our maintenance team arrives after your departure to find any bodily fluids on any of the furniture, bedding, floors you will be charged for any replacement, repairs or deep cleans done to the property.

The discovery of bodily fluids will require a deep clean subject to, but not limited to vomit, defecation and urination


Lost keys 

In the event of you or any of your guests that you are responsible for, Breaks, Lose's or Damage's any of the keys to the property you will be charged the amount to have new keys cut and replaced. Should the keys be lost a new locking system will be required and charged.




Anyone found in possession of or taking any illegal substance will have their stay terminated. If any illegal substances are located on the premises, we must contact and inform the police immediately. 

It should also be stated that in the event of any person found smoking inside the premises, including E-Cigarettes  or any evidence of smoking found ie. butt ends, ash, or smell of smoke in the room including bathroom you will be charged a deep cleaning fee to remedy the situation.

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