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Lord Street Southport

Lord Street Southport.jpeg

Lord Street stands as one of Southport's most cherished landmarks—a Victorian boulevard adorned with elegant canopies and bordered by picturesque gardens. Its distinct charm has made it a beloved shopping destination for well over a century.

Nestled alongside this scenic street are specialty shops and designer boutiques, a mere stone's throw away from the serene, leafy gardens—a perfect oasis within the bustling town. At the heart of Lord Street lies the iconic Wayfarers Shopping Arcade, an establishment in operation since 1898. This Grade II listed building boasts a magnificent glass-domed roof, splendid period decor, and houses over 30 exclusive stores. Its cafe and restaurant provide an ideal setting to immerse oneself in the Arcade's timeless ambiance.

For those seeking nostalgia, the Royal Arcade at the southern end of Lord Street is a haven filled with antiques and collectibles. Bargain hunters can lose themselves in discovering extraordinary finds, spending hours immersed in its treasures.

Once you've indulged in shopping and exploration, the array of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants along Lord Street beckon for refreshment. Whether you opt for al fresco dining or prefer a more traditional setting, relish in the charm of this unique street and savor your moments of repose.

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